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All news reports linked to from this page are intended as public interest only, and lean toward having strong relevance for scientists and politicians internationally. I am also working with this reporting to highlight, understand and seek publishing/editorial management insight of news reporting in the internet age. The internet both solves old news reporting problems, and creates new ones. I also declare a bias, which is that when a human being dies I think all mention of any criminal activity by that human being should be struck from all official records. Unless there is a strong likelihood of posthumous pardon at some time in the future.

1. Forensic Science News Feature, 16th July, 2015

2. Reference provided by Dr Daithi Mac Sithigh, reader in law at the University of Newcastle. Ewing v. Cardiff Crown Court [2016] EWHC 183 (Admin). Principle: consistency with "Open Justice". Topic: Rights of the public taking notes in Court.

3. News, 21st May, 2014: The role of expert witnesses evaluated in the context of a case concerning aylum seekers.
[2014] UKSC 30. On appeal from: [2013] CSIH 68. Judgement from the Supreme Court of the UK given on 21st May, 2014.

News. 24th April, 2017
Reporting restrictions lifted on 2016
case to defraud the Home Office.
Copy free-to-read online until 20th May, 2017.

News. 11th April, 2017
Drug peddling and dangerous driving.
Copy free-to-read online until 20th May, 2017.

News. 3rd February, 2017

There is no file cr_30 because I jumped ahead to 31, forgetting I had not written a news report at cr_30.

News. 30th January, 2017

News. 21st September, 2016
Common Law Conspiracy to Defraud the Home Office

The following four items form part of the same public interest report from
Bradford, Crown Court. Case across July - September, 2016.

News. 9th September, 2016
Sentencing when simple arithmetic is not the touchstone

News. 19th August, 2016.Complex case sentencing

News. 16th August, 2016. Multiple defendants, multiple charges.
Conspiracy to receive stolen goods, money laundering, possession of criminal property and Trademark Infringement

News. 18th July, 2016. The nature of an IP address.

News: Alcohol dependence leads to misjudgement and a community order. 29th June, 2016.

News: GUILTY!. 28th June, 2016.

News: Unexpected events led to directed not guilty verdicts. 21st June, 2016.

News: Pakistani citizen told he will be sent home after serving sentence for assault and robbery . 20th June, 2016.
This report was moved to Issue 3, 2016 (Volume of Science, People & Politics.

News: Tribute to Jo Cox, Member of Parliament. 17th June, 2016.
This report was moved to Issue 3, 2016 (Volume of Science, People & Politics.

News: Sexual misconduct and distress. 9th June, 2016.

News: Rape: Guilty Verdict. 3rd June, 2016.

News: Judicial dilemmas. 4th May, 2016.
This report was moved to Issue 3, 2016 (Volume of Science, People & Politics


1. - Column: Donkey Riding. 1st May, 2016.
Bradford Crown Court Autumn 2015 to Spring 2016

NEWS. 6th April, 2016.
2. - News: Sting: Judicial Sentencing Remarks of General Nature
Bradford Crown Court

3. - NEWS. 23rd March, 2016.
Fracas in Halifax: Not Guilty Verdict

4. - NEWS. 18th March, 2016.
Custody extension

5. - NEWS. 14th March, 2016.
Defrauding a company
Correction to spelling of name of CPS counsel made 17th March, 2016. HG.

6. - NEWS. 8th March, 2016.
Historic Sex Case heard on 7th March, 2016.

7. - NEWS. 4th March, 2016.
Not Guilty in Arson Reckless-Endangerment Case,
with £24,200 Property Losses

8. - NEWS. 1st March, 2016.
Adjournment to appoint new legal representative

NEWS. 18th February, 2016.
Class A Drug Trial

NEWS. 10th February, 2016.
20-month prison sentence for cannabis production

Ethics. October 16th, 2015: Bradford Crown Court.
A journalist's dilemma in Court

News. October 6th, 2015: Bradford Crown Court

News. August 26th, 2015: Bradford Crown Court.

News. August 25th, 2015: Bradford Crown Court:
Judicial direction to jury mid trial.

News comment. August 12th, 2015, Bradford Crown Court:
Jury sworn in. Prosecution begins.

News. August 5th, 2015, Bradford Crown Court:
When a Court says no contact

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