Guilty of occupying premises in
which Class A drugs were supplied.
News report by Helen Gavaghan, published 12th November, 2018 (19.40 UT).


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Bradford woman, Julie Firth (48), was today found guilty by a jury at Bradford Crown Court of being the occupier of premises on which significant amounts of Class A drugs were found, and from which they were supplied. The drugs, said the prosecution, were of such high purity that they must in the supply chain be close in terms of transactions to their point of entry to the country. The police operation involved officers from South and West Yorkshire.

His honour Judge David Hatton QC will proceed to sentencing on 12th December, 2018. His honour further agreed with prosecution and defence the timetable for confiscation and proceeds of crime hearings, and he linked the hearings in Ms Firth's case to those related to a conspiracy (See: involving some of the people mentioned during Ms Firth's trial.

Ms Firth did not face conspiracy charges.

Some 2-kilograms of cocaine and a quarter of a million pounds of amphetamines - the latter not at Ms Firth's address - are involved in the two cases.

Ms Firth's defence was that she had not known of the activities taking place on her premises.

Today, 12th December, 2018 Ms Firth (who the judge today said is 49) was sentenced to 18 months suspended for two years.

I first began to follow Ms Firth's case on the afternoon of Friday 9th November, 2018.

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