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Sentencing today 7th September, 2018. Click here to reach news addition below.

Crown Court at Bradford (UK), 5th September, 2018
30th September, 2018. Yesterday I removed the defendant's name from the news report below. Today most of the news report is being taken offline. These are my decisions taken as the editor editor, and are not a legal requirement. The news report minus name of the defendant will appear in issue 3, 2018 of Science People & Politics. The original version is stored with the publisher's offline records.

Today Mr X (61) of the Halifax area of West Yorkshire was found guilty of historic sexually-related offences by a jury following 10-plus hours of deliberation. Of five complainants, the jury found Mr X was not guilty in one case.


His Honour Judge Burn thanked the jury, and dismissed them. Sentencing will be at a later date.

The Officer in the case is Detective Sergeant John Moore, who reports to Detective Chief Inspector Dave Shaw. Both are from West Yorkshire Police, and are based in Halifax.

Helen Gavaghan. News report above published circa 16.30 on 05.09.2018.

7th September, 2018. HHJ Burn today sentenced Mr X (61) -- to 10 years for the crimes of which he was convicted on Wednesday of this week (See news report above). Prosecutor, Miss Drake, told the judge her instructions were to not pursue a retrial on the Count on the indictment about which the jury was unable to reach a verdict, consequentially a not guilty verdict was formally entered on that count.

The Court heard pleas on behalf of the defendant, and victim impact statements. Judge Burn said the police work had clearly been competent and diligent. HG