SAWN-OFF shotgun blast of car carrying
young child: 18-Year extended sentence


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Helen Gavaghan, Bradford, Crown Court (UK), 26th January, 2018

26th January, 2018.
Today in Crown Court, Bradford, His Honour Judge Rose sentenced Mr Tariq Adalat (36) from the BD7 area of Bradford to 18 years in prison for possession of firearms and ammunition with intent to endanger life. The weapon concerned was loaded, ready for use, and there was spare ammunition. This was not Mr Adalat's first fire arm's offence. It was unclear where the weapon had come from.

The sentence being an extended one means Mr Adalat must serve a minimum of two thirds of the tariff. On release Mr Adalat will also have an additional period added to his licence.

Three dock officers surrounded the defendant. As the judge developed his remarks, Mr Adalat interrupted proceedings with foul language, and stormed out of the dock, followed by the dock officers. Mr Adalat refused to return. At the same time a member of the public also used insulting language and noisily left Court. Plain clothes' police officers asked the judge if they should follow. His Honour said, "yes". The combined disturbances drowned out and distracted from the remaining part of the judge's remarks.

Mr Adalat's language and behaviour crossed the threshold of Contempt of Court.

His Honour retired to consider the matter. In the interim counsel for the defence took advice, and on the judge's return said he could only represent Mr Adalat in this new situation if the Court granted him legal aid. Legal aid was granted. The defence team went down to the cells. Eventually Mr Adalat apologised, and the judge accepted on balance of sundry considerations, but was not convinced the decorum of the Court had been fully restored.

Having deployed a number of arguments, counsel for the defence had finally turned to quotation from "The Merchant of Venice" in his client's defence.

Mr Adalat received a concurrent sentence for conspiracy to receive stolen goods. Mr Adalat is the last of six co-defendants to have been sentenced.

In his remarks His Honour wondered how a five-year-old child could possibly process events, of which the blast from the sawn off shot gun was possibly the least traumatic part of the experience. Though the shotgun injured no-one, the use of the fire arm was part of a violent scene involving serious injuries.

His Honour thanked Counsel, and agreed that the officers named in the email sent to him by the prosecution deserved to be thanked.

In the paragraph beginning "Having", I have corrected the typo "or" to "of"