17 unanimous not guilty verdicts
News report by Helen Gavaghan, 27th November, 2018.

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A County Clare-born, 57-year-old Bradford man was today found not guilty of 17 very serious sexual misconduct charges. There were six complainants, and the jury heard how this was the second time the same defendant had faced similar charges. None of the complainants appeared in both cases.

His Honour Judge David Hatton QC made clear in his legal directions the age below which the Crown does not need to explore the issue of consent, because the act alleged is an offence whether or not there is consent. His honour clarified that the Prosecution was saying that the defendant, today found not guilty, was being accused in respect of another complainant of normalising the act which was an offence. His honour was referring to multiple incident counts.

The defendant took the stand in his own defence. Of one complainant the defendant spoke of his devastation on hearing that that complainant was making the allegations tried. Of another complainant he said that he had never met that person. In relationship to another count a police interview video went missing, then was found, though the associated file was not found.

On the last day of the trial a witness, named by another of the complainants as having been present during an alleged offence, gave evidence that that alleged incident had not taken place.

After the case I asked the defendant, of good character, if he wished to comment. He shook his head to indicate no, while his long term partner wiped tears from her eyes.

The allegations extend back to 1975.

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