Living the Dream Author, Richard Brown, sentenced for leading role in class A Drug Conspiracy.


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Crown Court at Bradford (UK), 7th September, 2018

"You know the misery for those on Class A drugs," said His Honour Judge Colin Burn to Richard Brown, before sentencing Mr Brown to 10 years and three months for Mr Brown's part in a conspiracy to supply cocaine. Mr Brown was one of five co-conspirators being sentenced today at Bradford Crown Court.

Significant amounts of cocaine, some identified forensically as from the same batch, though found at different locations, were involved in the conspiracy, said the judge. Not all co-conspirators played as large a part in the crime as one another.

During the sentencing hearing Mark Foley, the solicitor advocate representing Mr Brown, told the Court that since release from prison in 2007 his client had tried to make a new life for himself, but had been dogged by visits from former associates in the drug world, who even turned up at the home of Mr Brown's relatives in Jamaica.

Then, said Mr Foley, these people from Mr Foley's past started demanding repayment for drugs lost in 2001. Those drugs were worth £8000.00 at the time, but Mr Brown was told the value had appreciated to £60,000.00. "He soon realised," Mr Foley told the Court, "that they wanted his services." By taking out a loan for a car Mr Brown had managed to pay off £5,000.00 of the debt. The drugs related to Mr Brown's case today were of high purity. Police also siezed cutting agents. Mr Foley told the court his client felt remorse and regret for having regressed.

The other conspirators received the following sentences:

John Lowcock (44), who had no relevant previous convictions, was sentenced to 9 years and two months.

Sherman Mallinson to 13 years;

Matthew Billing to 7 years; and

Melisa Callear to three years.

His Honour told the defendants and their Counsel he would make sure the prison authorities knew of the relevant time [for time on remand - clarification added 08-09-2018] to be deducted from the custodial element of the sentences he had handed down. Counsel and his honour discussed a recent Appeal Court ruling on this matter.

Ms Callear's counsel said his client had pleaded guilty to the charges she faced because she had closed her eyes to what was happening.

West Yorkshire Police in Bradford Crown Court told me after the case they did not know the answers to the questions I asked them.

Helen Gavaghan. Published circa 19.30 07.09.2018.

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