[] not guilty of two counts
of unlawful wounding

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Editor's note, updated 29th September, 2016: As publisher and editor of this site I decided today, 28th September, 2016 to remove the names of the people involved in this Court report. The important news was the not guilty verdict, and the defence presented. The not guilty part of the story concerning the named individual should now be well known. If those named online since 26th August, 2015 want a free print copy of this report with their names reinstated please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the publisher. This story will not be transferred to the magazine Science, People & Politics. However the site is spidered by the British Library, and so the version as published originally will be accessible from their reading rooms.

26th August, 2015: After deliberating for nearly three hours the jury in the case of the Queen versus [male] this afternoon returned verdicts of not guilty on two counts which Mr [] faced of unlawful wounding of Ms [] on 6th April, 2015. In his summing up Judge Burn told the jury that events leading to the case took place at [] in Scarborough.

His honour Judge Burn had on Tuesday 25th August, 2015 (see http://www.gavaghancommunications.com/cr_3.html, published yesterday) said he would direct the jury to return a not guilty verdict on the first count. He did so today.

Two versions of events on the second count were placed before the Court. It was the defence case that Mr [] had the knife which caused Ms []'s wound in his hand because he, Mr [], intended to self harm. The wounding of Ms [] was because she tried to stop that action. The Court heard that Mr [] did not initially give this information to police because he was embarrassed by his self-harming behaviour, which is, he told the Court, his coping mechanism for dealing with stress. A number of significant stressful issues in Mr []'s life were placed before the Court.

The Court heard that Mr [], who is now 32, has self harmed since he was 16. Afterwards Mr []'s friend and family confirmed to me what the Court had heard from Mr [] under oath about his self harming.

Mr Anthony Moore prosecuted on behalf of the Crown. Mr James Gelsthorpe was defending counsel. Nicholas Garvey from the Scarborough-based instructing solicitors of Tubbs & Co. was in Court.

By Helen Gavaghan at Bradford Crown Court, 26th, August, 2015.
Freelance journalist, science writer, and editor of Science, People & Politics
The metatag above erroneously said Coroners' Court until today 6th October, 2015. To see metatags right click and view source. Correction noted and made by Helen Gavaghan, 6th October, 2015.