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by Helen Gavaghan at Bradford Crown Court

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9th June, 2016
By unanimous verdicts a jury earlier this afternoon found Mr [] guilty of two criminal counts involving sexual misconduct, and not guilty of a third. The case was heard at Bradford Crown Court.

Mr [] is a white, middle-aged man in a stressful and unusually isolating profession. That profession was not mentioned by defence, prosecution or judge during their summings up as having relevance to the offences.

Ms Chloe Fairley, for the defence, asked for a presentence report. That and a psychiatric report are to be ready for 29th June, when Mr [] must again appear in Court. Until then, said His Honour Judge Hatton, the trial judge, Mr [] may make no contact with the two women who made the complaints.

During the trial Mr [] denied touching one of the women in the manner the Crown defined as sexual assault. He further denied intent to cause alarm or distress to the second, though the Court heard evidence that distress and alarm was the result of Mr []'s deliberate and admitted action.

Mr David McGonigal of Broadway House Chambers presented the Crown's case. Defence Counsel, Ms Fairley, is with New Park Court Chambers.

While summing up the judge clarified the nature of the charges, and the elements which must all be present and proven if the jury is to reach a guilty verdict.

The jury retired yesterday afternoon, and resumed deliberations this morning, returning with their verdict at 2.20 pm.

The judge thanked the jury for their service.

Helen Gavaghan, 9th June, 2016, Bradford Crown Court.

Judge Hatton is, in fact, His Honour Judge Hatton QC. The correction to the unintentional discourtesy was made 10th June. I had in mind judge, not QC, as I was typing.

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