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Transpennine Culture, closed now to new copy.

Opera North's Bartered Bride,
by Helen Gavaghan, Leeds, 29th October, 2014.

Yorkshire independence.
By Helen Gavaghan, Leeds, 14th May, 2014.

Art confluence.
By Helen Gavaghan, Bradford, 10th May, 2014.

Panspermia or meteoritic bombardment. Paths to life on Earth.
By Helen Gavaghan, Leeds.
Competing views of how life arose on Earth.
A report of the annual Bolton Lecture in 2009 at The University of Leeds.

Memories of miners on strike 1984 - 1985.
By Helen Gavaghan, Salford.
A meeting held at the Working Class Movement library.

Culture conflict in Leeds.
By Helen Gavaghan, Leeds.
An Art Exhibition in Leeds, and political activists meet at the University of Leeds.

Intellectual Property for SMEs.
By Helen Gavaghan, Barnsley.
IP experts meet in Barnsley at the B-Media Centre.

World Culture
By Helen Gavaghan, Leeds.
A report of a gallery tour led by Amanda Lovelace