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July 13th, 2013. Patents demystified
By Helen Gavaghan. July 13th 2013.
Does the UK patent regime sound like a system in need of an overhaul?

Telecoms UK set for vibrant future by Helen Gavaghan. April 2012
Telecommunications binds people together. 2012 saw an important international telecoms conference, whilst in the UK business looked to enter or grow with the communications market.

A novel crop circle in the Oxfordshire countryside
by Helen Gavaghan. March 2009
Looking like a UFO has landed in Oxfordshire, the Diamond sychrotron research facility is a prestigious piece of science kit for biomedical research and materials analysis.

Screen readers fr the blind.
by Helen Gavaghan. June 2009
With screenreaders the blind can see the world of the web, but there are limitations

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