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British Science Association meeting, 2015.
Posted 11th September

Mercury, an illustration by Helen Gavaghan



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Nanogon is aimed at investors and general public who are interested in the science and science related research, or research and events prompted by developments in science which takes place at, or is initiated in or published and publicised from English universities north of Sheffield. The title, for which I have not yet applied for an ISSN, is published by Helen Gavaghan, trading also as Gavaghan Communications. The title has no corporate ownership, and Gavaghan Communications is an unincorporated sole tradership. The predecessor to Nanogon as an idea was N8 and then N9 science events, publishing concepts I began to explore in 2009. I first became aware of the need for such a title a decade earlier in the late 1990s and early 2000s when I found that my usual customers, while remaining interested in many stories I sold them, were not interested at those things which I thought were stories, and which emanated from northern university locations. My stories which I sold then (and the same is needed now) required international travel, for which I was very well placed, based where I was on the moors above Hebden Bridge. I am now trying to bring together my experiences in trade, technology, business and international science journalism, news, publishing and academia in a northern-based publishing enterprise complementary to others, and compatible with evolving technology and legislative structures. GC is working hard to have the resources to generate revenue that will allow GC to brief and pay lawyers. Helen Gavaghan, 13th September, 2015.