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Discussed at University of Leeds, May 2015.
Report, synthesis and analysis by Helen Gavaghan


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In a talk at The University of Leeds Law School in May, 2015, Professor Nayef Al-Rodhan, an eminent neuroscientist turned neurophilosopher, and Honorary Fellow of St Antony's College, University of Oxford, sounded an alert to the risks posed to global security - from national to transcultural - by congruent emerging technologies. He was introduced by Professor Graham Dutfield, who holds the chair in international governance at the University's Law School, and who includes synthetic biology and intellectual property rights among his research interests.

This article, a 3,800 word monograph, reports and synthesizes Professor Al-Rodhan's talk, and outlines, by reasoning from analogy and examples in my own published work, an approach which scientists and politicians could apply when thinking about where the science and technology they undertake, or for which they write law, fits into the global pan-National world of sovereignties, jurisdictions and learned bodies. Get the jurisdiction wrong, and it will be as though someone with no knowledge of where the fire is plans the evacuation. Who lives and who dies would be random.

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