UK Supreme Court Decision on asylum seekers, the role of expert witnesses and prisoners' rights.

Law and schizophrenia. 30th August, 2013.

Warning against high-interest rate loans for anyone struggling financially,
posted 24th October, 2012.
Link removed once Parliament started to take the issue seriously and to legislate against high interest rates.

Final plea in opposition to building on asbestos contaminated land.
The kicker on this story is the observation of the existence currently of international trade in white asbestos.

Open letter to fellow journalists reporting mental health issues

Bipolar disorder and The Lancet.

Campaign against the MHAct. Link removed because the situation is changing.

The intermittent series, Hard to Place, is closed now to new copy.
The publisher was and is, Helen Gavaghan. No ISSN applied for.

Curatorial visit by the site editor 6th December, 2018.