My current ICO registration as Gavaghan Communications is ZA289833.

See: ICO register record by clicking here.

The sole proprietorship of Gavaghan Communications, a trading name for Helen Gavaghan of 165 Longfellow Court, HX7 5LG UK, holds only data for routine and lawful trading practises, such as sale of editorial services and management of consensual trading relationships.

To clarify what if any data might be held about you by Helen Gavaghan contact Helen Gavaghan at +44 1422 886015.

Helen Gavaghan is a journalist and editor - now freelance - with 38 years experience, and strong knowledge in international science and technology journalism.

Under contract to Apple Bough LP 19012, registered in England with registered office of 165 Longfellow Court, HX7 5LG UK, Gavaghan Communications publishes Science, People & Politics ISSN 1751-598x online.

Sale of Science, People & Politics is the responsibility of Apple Bough LP, a wholly different business entity to the sole proprietorship of Gavaghan Communications.

GavaghanCommunication does NOT hold data related to sales by Apple Bough LP 19012 of Science, People & Politics. Helen Gavaghan, the General Partner of Apple Bough LP, will shortly be applying for ICO registration for Apple Bough LP on behalf of Apple Bough and will initially be also the data controller of the separate trading body (As an LP Apple Bough is an artificial entity and not another sole tradership of Helen Gavaghan).

In her capacity as data controller and processor for Apple Bough LP, Helen Gavaghan sells Science, People & Politics, using PayPal merchant services for people either with or without a PayPal accounts. The webstats package on to which all pages of Science, People & Politics are being moved during 2018 are switched off to protect visitor privacy as they browse the magazine. I do not know whether my hosting company has access to that information, namely who visits the portion of the shared server for which I have legal responsibility. My hosting company has not been forthcoming or helpful or proactive in providing information which I think I ought to have a right to. Thus I do not know if they have information about my visitors, and thus my prospective customers.

Webstats are collected by Helen Gavaghan for They show the site is being accessed globally. Those stats are to be found at the following address I find these stats of limited value, and I have on one occasion noticed that the company which was searching my site revealed its identity among the stat data. I suggest that visitors to who wish that fact disguised apply whatever means they can to protect their identity, or the fact they have been on the site. It is unlikely your identity will be revealed publicly, but it could be. My web hosting company also supplies an analytics package which seems to be Google Analytics, and I hope I have successfully switched it off.

I am much more interested in building a database off line of those interested either in my editorial services or in the magazine's I publish (and have published), and you are invited to contact me at, or at 44 1422 886015. We will by agreement decide what data you are willing for me to keep about you in the context of our professional relationship.

If you have any questions about this policy please contact Helen Gavaghan initially by email at, or by text to 44 7587 189191.

Helen Gavaghan, Updated on 25th October, 201.

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