For immediate release: 30 September, 2007.

The editors of Science, People & Politics ISSN:1751-598X (online) thank Dr Salman for his role as a founding advisor of the title.

The introductory essay to Poems of Science (Penguin, 1984) written by Phillips Salman and the poet, John Heath-Stubbs, is one which I discovered on my book shelves with pleasure - after having founded the title - , the pleasure being because the essay (did I read it perhaps twenty years ago?) exemplified much of what has long been in my mind about the role of science in the modern world. It is a complex closely reasoned essay that invites critique. The essay has helped to reinforce my thinking about the need for a title that gives science a voice that is one only among many in today's political world and shows science is one only of the ways in which people explore with uncertainty their world.

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