Tip of organised crime conspiracy
supplying cocaine

News report by Helen Gavaghan, 6th February 2020. Crown Court, Bradford.

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Alleged drug courier, Mr Nasir Hussain (34)10.02.2020. POSTED 15.20 GMT. The jury at Bradford, Crown Court this afternoon returned a unanimous not guilty verdict to the charges that Mr Nasir Hussain (34) from Bolton conspired to supply Class A drugs. The sentencing hearing of the remaining defendants is scheduled to begin tomorrow., from Bolton in Lancashire was in the dock this morning at Bradford Crown Court to hear prosecutors lay out their case against him. Mr Hussain was arrested in Free School Lane in Halifax on the evening of 1st May 2018Correction added 8.2.2020. The arrest was 1.5.2019, not 1.5.2018. The trial continues Monday 10.2.2020.. The next day in a prepared statement Mr Hussain told police via his solicitor that he denied allegations of conspiracy to supply a Class A drug. When Mr Hussain was arrested police found one kilogram of cocaine with a wholesale value of £30,320 (check) to £35,400 and street value of £80,300 to £100,400. Other defendants have already pleaded guilty. The trial including Mr Hussain began on Monday. The jury faces the question of whether Mr Hussain knew what was in the particular packages he delivered. The prosecution outlined activities by Mr Hussain (allegedly) and others which resulted in numerous such packages of cocaine being driven from Telford or Coventy to Bradford and Halifax. The total conspiracy which Mr Hussain is alleged to be a part of has a street value of about £1 million. The jury was told the car park of a Tesco Superstore on the outskirts of Halifax near Savile Park served as a location for transfer of significant quantities of some of the high-grade cocaine.

The trial continues tomorrow.


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