Here was evil.
News report by Helen Gavaghan, 12th October, 2018.


Having regard to the principle of totality His Honour Judge Durham-Hall QC today sentenced Mr X (62) to 27 years in prison for sexual offences against three victims who, at the time of the crimes, were children. His honour stopped short of handing out a life sentence for one set of the charges, telling the jury who had chosen to remain in Court for the sentencing that the tariffs handed down were a matter for his conscience.

The crimes took place in Bradford at two different addresses from 1990 to the mid 1990s, and thereafter until 2002 in Skegness.

Prior to the trial the defendant tried to take his own life.

Defence counsel told the Court that as a child her client had also experienced many difficulties, and she asked the Court not to impose a life sentence. She further told the Court that she was unsure where her client's medical records were, but that they were supposed to go to HM Prison Leeds at Armley.

The judge spoke of the offences as being relentlessly cruel, and he asked where the authorities had been, naming a number of institutions generically as he made his remarks.

His honour thanked the officer in the case, who was in Court, but she had little time to speak afterwards because she said she needed to be with the victims.

16th October, 2018. It might be I should have written "an" officer rather than "the" officer in the case was in Court in the news report above. Helen Gavaghan.

The above is advanced publication of an item to appear in Science, People & Politics ISSN 1751-598x online. The name of the defendant was removed on 30th November, 2018 by the editor. No formal, or informal, or family request has been made to remove the defendant's name.


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