Alcohol dependence destroys
a career, leading to misjudgement
and a victim's distress


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Name of defendant removed 28th September, 2016 by Helen Gavaghan to comply with my understanding of The Rehabilitation of Offenders' Act 1974. I am speculating as to how long it might take to remove distributed files from caches. Names are also (repeat also) removed as of 30th September, 2016 from items when they are moved from the website into issues of Science, People & Politics. The publisher maintains a record of original stories as published contemporaneously, including names, which can be obtained by those named, or their legal representative, from the publisher at a cost of £3.50 plus VAT, plus post and packaging. The VAT is because the service is a publishing service. My websites are spidered regularly by the British Library for non-print legal deposit. I have no control over when that happens, thus names in the news reports may not yet have been removed from the story at the time my website is spidered, and that version will be accessible in the British Library reading rooms. HG

by Helen Gavaghan at Bradford Crown Court

29th June, 2016

I have removed the name of the defendant in this story to comply with my understanding of the Rehabilitation of Offenders' Act 1974.

Mr [] (53), who this August would have been a police officer for 26 years, was today given a 30-month community order and 60-day rehabilitation order for two isolated incidents of sexual misconduct in 2015. Mr []'s conviction was on 9th June, 2016 (See For the past 12 years Mr [], a police officer with commendations, has worked surveillance for serious crime.

At the time of Mr []'s offences (in May 2015 and October 2015) he had become alcohol dependent.

One of the complainants provided an impact statement describing her distress, and the judge, his honour judge Hatton QC, imposed an indefinite restraining order prohibiting contact with either of the women concerned. He further said that Mr [] would be on the "sex offenders'" register for five years.

The judge said he had read reports prepared about Mr []. "It is perfectly clear to me that these two offences aside you have led a blameless life -- For reasons I need not detail -- serious accident -- sadly you turned to drink and became dependent -- I am satisfied that at the time of these offences you were in a dark and lonely place -- you misjudged the situation -- you have caused significant distress to (the complainant who supplied a victim impact statement)-- you have done a great deal to rehabilitate yourself -- you have been punished by loss of a career -- family devastated."

Having imposed the sentence, Judge Hatton said, "Speak to probation before you leave."

Helen Gavaghan, 29th June, 2016, Bradford Crown Court.

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