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Accessibility is a problematic issue.

I took useful steps early in my website development days by commissioning and editing Ashif Sindhi to write about screen readers, and to review my website and his own for accessibility. Ashif is blind. Click on the link at the base of this page to read his insights. I interviewed Ashif, as well as chatting with the RNIB. The discussions guided my practical application.

If you are hearing and/or sight impaired I would like to hear from you with constructive presentational comments, and comments on interactivity of my code with screen readers. Email me at Or phone in the UK 01422 886015. If I am not at my desk you can leave a message.

If you want me to create a duplicate page of particular urls inserting a link among my metatags to an external css specific to your needs I will be pleased to do so. The suggestion applies both to those editorial-carrying pages on which I have disabled right click, and those where I have not. I have not disabled right click on this url.

It would be best if the external css were to be providing a solution for a particular class of hearing and/or visual impairment issues, ie of relevance to a lot of people, rather than a personal viewing preference.

If you make an external css solving a particular impairment problem experienced by a number of people, then copyright your code, and write a css comment explaining the need the css meets. If you like I will be pleased to store your file on my site, and insert a link to your external css in a duplicate url as needed. If you tell me the need I will create the external css gratis to your specification.

I will also make a url listing external css sheets, author and the impairment need the external css is intended to solve.

If you prefer, I can simply send you a file attachment of the url with its code so that you can specify precisely your viewing need. Though the presentational copyright would be yours, the words are not. So I would ask you not to redistribute editorial files for your profit, or in a way undermining traffic to my website.

If you know of a website which already provides external css meeting specific visual or hearing impairment needs please let me know.

If you have sight or hearing impairment I imagine you already know of the options your browser offers for enhancing your website viewing.


The Royal Association for Deaf People and/or

The Royal National Institute for the Blind could be a good starting places for information. The RNIB helpline is 0303 123 9999.

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