Echo of a smile


I called this illustration crooked smile, because the two large upright vertical ovals are ears. But now I also think the illustration could be called "String Theory".

The rest of the illustration has a lot of other meanings, and I stopped tinkering with the shapes when I ran out of meanings.

For example, the central cream oval lying on its side is the cup of a chalice.

The upright Oval to the right of the image is a tower block, designed with materials weighting it just so, and enabling the structure to perch with total security on a cliff edge.

The line descending from the top of the image is a string suspending the world, and the five ovals in the rectangle with a yellow background are the olympic rings.

The structures leaning toward the yellow rectangle are tower blocks, and they are symbols in my mind of the World Trade Centres as they collapsed. Yes, I know there were only two. I had been to the top of one of them a year or so before 9/11, and I watched the news all day as they burned and collapsed.

The purple and green at the base of the falling towers are a peace garden.

Description of illustration © by Helen Gavaghan. URL Reviewed 19th February 2021.