Air near aeroengine, an illustration by Helen Gavaghan


This is a much magnified visualization of airflow near a small imperfection in an aircraft fuselage. That imperfection is near to the exit nozzle of an aeroengine. The action-reaction interaction providing forward thrust is, of course, contained. I am imagining Brownian motion in and around the nozzle outflow. The main engine cowling and wing to which the engine is attached are outside my imaginary shot, as are the engine inlet and turbofan blades etc..

When I created this illustration I was thinking of the small coloured squares as lines of reinforcement or brittleness in a fuselage. They represent qualitative, not quantitative, thinking. The illustration came about because I was wondering what might have happened to one of the jets reported missing in recent years.

Description of illustration © added by Helen Gavaghan 17th July, 2017.