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24th January, 2014.
The Arctic in 2009, a book by Alun Anderson Ph.D. Comment by Helen Gavaghan.

Read Arctic Futures, by Alun Anderson, published in the January - March 2014 issue of Science, People & Politics


three-dimensional structure of protein, conceptualised in four dimensions by Helen Gavaghan

An illustration (resized) I created of Johan Galtung's view about balance between anarchy and tight regulation for effective, fair society. The work draws on my biophysics background, and understanding of three-dimensional protein structures in four dimension.

The illustration was used initially in Science, People & Politics issn 1751 598x (online), issue 2, volume i, VII, published 2nd March, 2009. Helen Gavaghan.

Reproduced with the permission of Helen Gavaghan and Fred Pearce, shareholders' in the magazine's owning company. The official receiver, as shown in the owning company's share register, has beneficial use of shares 1 to 9, and shares 1 to 9 are registered at Companies House under the name of Helen Gavaghan. The shareholders have waived re-use fee for this illustration, and did not impose restrictions on cropping and resizing of the image for publication.

ISSN corrected post publication. It should read seventeen fifty-one five nine eight x (online).