Press Release: 21st August, 2017

Commercially inept behaviour by Barclays Bank Plc delays publication
of Science, People & Politics [ISSN 1751-598x] by one week.
Publication is still delayed. Though now I have made alternate business banking arrangements the magazine will soon be back on track. Once back on track I will be posting a story about this experience. This is a bank which settled some significant issues which, without a complaint by, me could have led to bad and wrong consequences. Stealing another human being's livelihood and damaging a customer in good standing for no reason, as this bank has done to me for 7 weeks is wrong.


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From the executive director of Science, People and Politics Ltd., Co. No. 0590-1911, a company registered in England, with registered office address and service address of 165 Longfellow Court, Mytholmroyd, HX7 5LG**.

With this press release the executive director of Science, People and Politics Ltd., Co. No 0590-1911, is notifying shareholders of the company that the publisher of the company's property, Science, People & Politics ISSN 1751-598x, is delaying publication of Issue 3 (July - September), 2017 by one week, because a commercially inept letter, which is also potentially defamatory, was received by the publisher from Barclays Bank Plc, registered office address, 1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP, on Saturday, 19th August, 2017. Publication is, in fact, now delayed, until September, because resources have had to be partially diverted into assembling material for submission to the Financial Services Ombudsman and an accountant.

The publisher immediately initiated a formal complaint. Barclays issued a complaint number. The publisher remained available and unable to undertake other work from 15.00 to 22.00 BST on Sunday 20th August, 2017, the days following the complaint having been lodged, and awaiting a possible call back from Barclays complaint resolution team, having been told a call within 48 hours is a norm, and having been asked for available hours for reciving a call.

The Commercially inept letter from Barclays does not accuse the publisher of wrong doing in conduct of either bank account held by the publisher with Barclays Bank Plc. The publisher has held accounts with Barclays in good order for 11 years consistently, having previously banked for 30 years with Nat West Plc, and concurrently for about five years with Riggs Bank in Washington DC, while living in Washington DC.

The publisher acknowledges it was going to be tight to meet this quarter's deadline, but says that an issue would have been published, as advertised, on 25th August, 2017. As of today the publisher has lost 15 hours of preparation and production time because of the potentially defamatory letter from Barclays Bank Plc. The publisher anticipates loosing further time to this matter.

The purpose of Science, People and Politics Ltd., Co. No. 0590-1911 is ownership and protection of non-IT related copyrightable editorial material, copyrights and licenses.

Executive director, Helen Gavaghan, 06.45 bst, 21st August, 2017.

**Because of a local peculiarity, the critical part of this address is 165 Longfellow Court, HX7 5LG. Any post which then inserts: Hebden Bridge, or Mytholmroyd, or Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge would be equally valid, and get to the same place.

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