2nd May, 2018. Fred Pearce will shortly rejoin as a full-time editorial advisor to Science, People & Politics. Mr Pearce has never had, and does not now, have any contractual obligation to offer stories first to Science, People & Politics, nor to offer editorial advise to Science, People & Politics which he, for any reason, thinks or decides he ought not to offer. Terms determined by Helen Gavaghan, Ed.


On 3rd January 2018 Fred Pearce ceased to an editorial advisor to Science, People & Politics. He continues at his own request to be a 10 percent shareholder of the magazine's owning company.

The value of that shareholding is £100.00

The magazine's owning company is Science, People and Politics Ltd. Co. No. 0590-1911.
The company is registered in England.
The registered address is 165 Longfellow Court, Mytholmroyd, Nr Hebden Bridge, HX7 5LG.
The company's shares are fully paid up, and the company has no debt; neither long term, nor short term.
The company is dormant.
The company's executive director is Helen Gavaghan.

Mr Pearce is one of the UK's leading international journalists.
He is a Fellow of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society.
Mr Pearce has a well founded knowledge of the history and work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Mr Pearce affirms he is willing in future to be an editorial advisor to the title on an occasional basis.