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The site is not free to print, and may not be exploited commercially, other than by the publisher, or with the publisher's agreement. The site may not be printed and disseminated commercially for other than fair use of copyright without the publisher's consent (namely Helen Gavaghan, MCIJ, BSc (hons) University of Leeds, 1980). I have been a professional journalist and editor working locally, nationally and internationally since 1980.

There are two sets of pages: brochure pages for my editorial services, from journalism, science writing, editing, publishing and editorial content consultancy in print and online. I have also a smattering of broadcast experience, and am a former candidate (2011-12) to be the deputy general secretary of the National Union of Journalists (I lost).

My consultancy expertise includes illustrations, text, photographs and their arrangement and juxtaposition in context. The remaining pages on this website are content, and the site is also a content server, as well as a business and trade site.

I have coded only a few pages to disable right click, and on on those pages where I think, professionally, it is legally prudent to do so. Or on some pages where I was and/or am reviewing options for commercial exploitation of my work.

If right click is disabled do not assume I, the publisher, have coded to do so, it may be a legally necessitated choice for censorship/filter by your organisation. The site should not be censored in a manner implying wrong doing, or any lack of competence by myself, or in a way undermining my legitimate revenue streams as a publisher, author and editor.

See accessibility policy if you have needs connected with sight or hearing impairment. Please note specific conditions, which are that content not be redistributed for profit, nor in a way undermining traffic to my website.

You are free to capture and do what you wish with code on all the pages of my website, but do not copy my code exactly for anything mission critical to yourself, unless you know what you are doing as a coder, of course. And do not reproduce my page code on your site in a way which makes it look as though you are in anyway connected with my sole tradership, unless we have reached an agreement.

You are free to distribute to whomever you wish the url for any page on this website.

You may not sell nor promote advertising against any of the pages I have created or published, and which I manage, without prior agreement with myself. You may not without prior agreement with me use technical means of any kind to generate any form of advertising which appears with webpages on the websites I have created, or which carry my content, or which I have made, written, published and/or manage.

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