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LINKS UPDATED ON 19th March, 2018

The only data collected and kept by Gavaghan C LP, publisher of Science, People & Politics, on behalf of Helen Gavaghan, are:

Name, email address and the date that the visitor or customer requested that those details be kept. If the customer or visitor provides optionally their country of origin or job title that data is also kept. The data are routinely "cleaned", and are not shared with third parties.

Webstats are intermittently collected by Helen Gavaghan on behalf of Gavaghan C LP. Those stats are routinely deleted, and are not shared with any third party.

Cookies are not needed to explore this website in full.

Financial transactions, whether payment is by credit or debit card or Pay Pal account, are handled by the PayPal platform, thus Gavaghan C LP keeps no financial data.

If you have any questions about this policy please contact Helen Gavaghan initially by email at, or by text to 44 7587 189191.

Helen Gavaghan, 6th March, 2018.

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