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LAST UPDATED ON 23rd May, 2018. My apologies, this erroneously said last updated 17.3.18. In fact an earlier version of the text below was added later than that.


My current ICO registration is ZA289833. In this registration the ICO gives incorrect information, and has done so by conflating two registrations for different businesses which I applied for. It never crossed my mind that UK legislation would forbid me having registrations for each of two different sole traderships. There are some idiocies one cannot be expected to anticipate might exist. But UK legislation does forbid me -- according to an ICO staff member - from having two different registrations for what were in process of becoming two different sole traderships. Given that these soletraderships were different with different databases used for different things and in different ways the conflation of these by the ICO without consultation with me means they are fraudulently misrepresenting me.

Yes I was a single sole trader, but I had acquired a revenue stream which could be turned into working capital without, as far as I could see, damaging HMRC (I was talking to them about my idea) and wanted to make the one sole tradership into two doing different things.

Journalism and editing is a totally different business than is publishing. If the ICO had bothered to ask me which of the registrations I applied for I wanted to keep I would have said journalism and editing. The publishing I have done so far is secondary to that, and the ICO assumption they are smarter than me and better able to express the reality of what I am saying and doing is horse manure, arrogant and wrong.

In addition the ICO would appear to have some nasty template which fills in what the hell it wants. For the record I have never yet collected anyone's financial or family data. Sending a greeting card to a fellow shareholder does not in my opinion constitute processing data collected by a data controller.

As a journalist and editor I keep a record of what I am supposed to do and when, and I send reminders to people when they have not paid me. I keep those records the law says I must keep as a journalist in case the law wants to prosecute me, unless a source needs protecting. In which case if the best way to protect the source is to destroy a record that is what I do (it's a bit more complicated than that). If the best way to protect a source is to send an email to police with jurisdiction in the UK and nearest to where I am when the need to talk to them becomes apparent, then that is what I do. I keep the usual records one keeps for tax returns.

As a publisher I keep information enabling me to publish and curate what someone has agreed I may publish. On occasions when I have paid people for copy I have removed their bacs details when I have paid them.

My ICO registration should say, given I may have only one sole tradership registration, that I am a journalist, editor and science writer, publishing as a secondary activity to those tasks when needed. By characterising me as primarily a publisher the ICO has without my consent removed the revenue stream which had paid the bills and undermined transition to another which could do so either alone or when added to the former.

Given the tasks I am likely to do in future as a publisher I have created an LP. That LP, currently registered with Companies House as Gavaghan C LP (registration number LP019012, registered 15.12.2018) is licensed by Helen Gavaghan to publish on her behalf Science, People & Politics for a period of 5 years on condition there is no sub licensing of the publishing rights. Filing history in process of being updated. Gavaghan C LP does not yet have an ICO registration, and I am waiting for the ICO to remove their fraudulent misrepresentation of me from their website, which they will be doing to comply with GDPR. Apparently despite my valid security number allowing for changes to my registration with the ICO, the ICO are unable to correct their error and their fraudulently created misrepresentation of me to suit some fantasy of their own.

If that were me, they would prosecute me for that, and I would be allowed no defence, but they may with impunity keep fraudulent information about me which I did not consent to in the public domain. That is harm, and as someone who has had a life destroyed by British medical lies and abuse and fraudulent records I am inclined to be justifiably angry and sensitive when other parts of the British system expose me to further abuses and hurt and harm by its employees.

To research a law one must have some awareness that that law might exist, and a law conflating different businesses and forbidding an individual from having two sole traderships with separate ICO registrations enabling each to be characterised correctly is such dictator-like ignorance I could not have anticipated its existence

Had the legislation not forbidden two separate sole traderships each having their own ICO registration I would not have created an LP, and the resulting corporate structure is more worthy of a major player in publishing than of me. Having to use the corporate structures I am having to use is like asking a mini driver to drive formula one. I do not know how to drive formula one, but I do have a silver 1922 issue one dollar so I guess I could start a corporate treasury

The only data collected and kept by Gavaghan C LP, publisher of Science, People & Politics, on behalf of Helen Gavaghan, are:

name, email address, date of opting in, and one or two other pieces of optional data. Those data are kept and processed in the UK to enable communication with those who have expressed opt-in preferences with respect to Science, People & Politics.

Webstats are intermittently collected by Helen Gavaghan.

If you have any questions about this policy please contact Helen Gavaghan initially by email at, or by text to 44 7587 189191.

Helen Gavaghan, 17th May 2018.

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