LAST UPDATED ON 14th August, 2015

My privacy policy is: I am trying not to invade your privacy.

So, though on 21st May, 2015 I switched back on my web stats, you will not be contacted by Helen Gavaghan, Gavaghan Communications or anyone working for Gavaghan Communications as a result of any information you unwittingly reveal to the web stats about yourself. Nor will any such information be kept by Gavaghan Communications other than as aggregates for determining the urls visited on the website, observing how the site is used, and via which browsers, and from which countries, and when.

I have decided not to use Google analytics for now, and cannot see the situation as of now when I would want to use Google analytics. If I do start to use Google analytics the date will be given on this URL.

See also Cookie policy, accessible from the home page.

There are two search boxes on this website. One by Google gives access to the world wide web. I do not know what information Google has access to because of searches via its search box, though they can trace the search back to my website.

One search box by freefind enables this site, gavaghancommunications, to be searched. Again, please visit the cookie page accessible from the home page.

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