Against accidental chronological precedence becoming a basis for nationalism in Antarctica

The article, prepublished here on 22nd April 2015, is now published within issue 4, 2014, accessible via the magazine portal to its volume, author and issue indexes. Issue 4, 2014 was delayed for routine administrative reasons beyond the publisher's control. Issue 4, 2014 was finally published 11th December, 2015, and can be accessed by clicking here.

The author of the series of articles about the history preceding the Antarctic Treaty System is Helen Gavaghan, editor of Science, People & Politics. She was history consultant in 1999 to the intergovernmental organisation, EUMETSAT, researching and writing their first history. She is an Alfred P Sloan Foundation fellowship winner, and with her $125,000 award researched and wrote an authoritative history of navigation, communication and weather satellites, which Copernicus, a trade imprint of Springer Verlag (New York), published in 1997.

Ms Gavaghan has an honours degree in biophysics from the University of Leeds (1980), and undertook formal study via tutorials, seminars and reading of history relevant to her M.Phil studies at the University of Manchester 2002-2004, where she was also writing a report of her research as the basis for a transfer from the M.Phil. to Ph.D programme at the Centre of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine. The articles related to the Antarctic Treaty System are based substantially on work undertaken and insights gained at CHSTM.

Research supervisor Dr Jeff Hughes. Head of department, Professor Michael Worboys.


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