23rd May, 2018

Cookies are not needed to explore fully either or

I have not coded or added any tracking or similar cookies to either site listed above, which is not to say I might not do so in future when I have a better understanding of the relevant digital ecosystem.

I have included small fragments of html for forms belonging to Google (My apologies - I had tracking on the brain and foolishly called the code javascript - I did know -- honestly), as a service to readers (a search box), and on a few pages code enabling feedback about whether readers like a particular story. The latter is for my benefit and requires the visitor to actively engage with the Google button (again my apologies for mentioning javascript - same plea in mitigation I was thinking about visitor privacy and tracking). The Google search box is on the url below.

I have no idea who is using the search box by Google, and I have not inquired as to whether Google can resolve which IP the searcher is working from when a searcher searches from the Google search box on my pages. If Google can't discern that information it is possible my web stats data would have the detail which would pinpoint the IP address from which someone is searching via the Google search box on my pages. If that is the case the information would be handed over by me to law enforcement in the UK only in response to a Court order, or an assertion, sustainable in Court, by UK police that failure to hand over such information would constitute an obstruction of justice.

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