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Helen Gavaghan, Editor of Science, People & Politics and General Partner in Gavaghan C LP, publisher of Science, People & Politics.

Gavaghan C LP became the publisher of Science, People & Politics ISSN 1751-598x online primarily [html, pdf and print] on 15th December, 2017. Prior to 15th December, 2017 GavaghanCommunications, a sole tradership name for Helen Gavaghan published the title.

Gavaghan C LP | General Partner: Helen Gavaghan. Limited Partner: Martin Redfern.

Science, People and Politics Ltd. Co. No. 0590-1911 owns Science, People & Politics ISSN 1751-598c online. The private limited company is dormant and non trading, with fully paid up shares. The shareholders are Helen Gavaghan (80%), Martin Redfern (10%) and Fred Pearce (10%).

Helen Gavaghan owns the publishing rights wholly and exclusively to either the publisher, Gavaghan C LP, or Science, Peole and Politics Ltd.

Address: 165 Longfellow Court, Mytholmroyd, Nr Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK, HX7 5LG.


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