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2017 Authors in Volume VIII (2017)

Gavaghan H (UK) | Patat F (Italy) | Redfern M (UK) | Jan Zalasiewicz J (UK)
Science, People & Politics is published in the UK. Authors are nationals of the countries indicated above.
Final authors' index for 2017 published 18th February, 2018.


ISSUE ONE: Authors in alphabetical order. Gavaghan H (UK)

Gavaghan H
Pain and consciousness
Women in astronomy
US Patent and Trial Appeal Board transcends biology
Global energy challenge
Heavy hitters in virus research probe Zika's secrets
Women in science
Coming of the gold standard can get the job done (Clinical trials)
Forensic science regulator calls for adherence to standards and vigilance
Donkey riding column: Justice in the dark
USSC (Supreme Court): a Crown act of State
Tragedy (only available by buying the pdf or print)
Sentencing (only available by buying the pdf or print)
Litigants in person, and other matters, views from the retiring Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales.
The view from Beacon Hill (a poem of science).

ISSUE TWO: Authors in alphabetical order. Go to Gavaghan H (UK) and Go to Zalasiewicz J

Gavaghan H
History of science or science in history
History of science and its relationship to metaanalyses in geology
World Health Organisation (WHO) reviews decade of global health development and looks to future challenges.
Grazed by history:Charles Darwin and the Beagle in a World of abolitionists
The Law and Slavery
Suppressing the slave trade
Britain and Brazil clash over anti-slave strategies
1831: Cuba accuses Britain of self interest, and is disquieted by emancipated slaves
Regulatory approval strategies for high and moderate-risk medical devices in the age of "real world data".
Ancient hominin DNA hybridised and studied, yielding information in the absence of skeletal remains.
Donkey riding: when judicial advice could kill.
Reporting restrictions lifted on 2016 case to defraud the Home Office.(only available by buying the pdf or print)
Drug peddling and dangerous driving. (only available by buying the pdf or print)
Operation Saucer Lake and Babyline. (only available by buying the pdf or print)

Zalasiewicz J
Science and society of the Anthropocene: Transition from the Holocene.

ISSUE THREE: Authors in alphabetical order. Gavaghan H (UK) Patat F (Italy)

Gavaghan H
When Black Holes merge particles without mass carry the story at the speed of light.
A philosophical pot pourri for ethics.
At the margins of the future.
Crown Court disrupted: judge orders arrest. Available only in the paid for pdf or print version.
Crime: alcohol, addiction and learning disability. Available only in the paid for pdf or print version.
Judicial condemnation of co-ercion and assault. Available only in the paid for pdf or print version.
Verdicts in gruelling indecent assault case. Available only in the paid for pdf or print version.

Patat F
One for the history books.

ISSUE FOUR: Authors in alphabetical order. Gavaghan H (UK); Redfern M (UK)
Issue four, 2017 was published 1st January, 2018.

Gavaghan H
Precision control of organic chemistry.
Antarctica in the 1980s: a conundrum for our times.
Box 1: The Antarctic Treaty System.
Then and Now remote sensing.
Satellite operator faces critical months.
Compassionate sentence in sexual assault case. (only available by buying the pdf or print)

Redfern M
Captions for all photographs in the Antarctica feature.


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