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2016 Authors

Gavaghan H (UK) | Pearce F (UK)

Gavaghan H (UK)

Issue 1, Volume VII (2016)

Iran at the ballot box in 2016
in compliance with a civilian nuclear future, pp 1-4.

Issue 2, Volume VII (2016)

Money supply, Sovereignty & Democracy, p3.

Sterling in mid-20th Century, pp 4-6

ICT uptake correlates with national economic prosperity, pp 6-7.

Ribosomes - life's Rosetta stone -
reveal vulnerabilities and offer path to new antibiotics, pp 8-10.

A balance of differential and integral calculus, p 11.

Move over, Brian Cox, p12.

Donkey riding, p13.

Adjournment to appoint new legal representative, p 14.

Not Guilty in Arson Reckless-Endangerment Case, with £24,200 Property Losses, p 14.

Historic Sex Case, pp 14-15.

Defrauding an employer, p 15.

Custody extension, pp 15-16.

Fracas in Halifax: not guilt verdict, pp 16-17.

Judicial sentencing remarks of general nature, p 17.

Issue 3, Volume VII (2016)

Highlights from the executive summary of the
Iraq War Inquiry, chaired by Sir John Chilcot, pp 3 - 9.

Power vacuum, pp 9 - 10.

Talking points stemming from the feature, p 11.

ESOF 2016: High level panel discusses pandemics - names priorities, pp 12 - 13.

Art takes no prisoners, pp 13-14.

Review of the Thackray Medical Museum, pp 14-16.

The goal is a world leading technology university,
pp 16-17.

Tribute to Jo Cox, Member of Parliament, pp 17-18.

Pakistani citizen told he will be sent home after
serving sentence for assault and robbery, p18.

Judicial dilemmas, p19.

Issue 4, Volume VII (2016)

Anthropocene v. anthropocene
Geophysical reality or social construct? p 3.

Geologists plan international research to settle the
question of anthropocene v. Anthropocene, pp 4-5.

German Cabinet endorses Climate Action Plan 2050, p5.

Big Pharma's global legacy, pp 6-14.

UN General Assembly sets 2018 deadline
for planners fighting antimicrobial resistance (AMR), pp 13-14.

Column Donkey Riding: When journalists are silent, p23.

The nature of an IP address, pp 24-25.

Multiple charges, multiple defendants, pp 25-29.

Money laundering, receipts of stolen goods,
possession of criminal property
Trademark infringement, pp 29-30.

Sentencing when simple arithmetic
is not the touchstone, pp 30-31.

Alcohol dependence destroys a career, leading to
misjudgement and a victim's distress, pp 31-32.

Guilty, pp 32-33.

Unexpected events led to directed not guilty verdicts, pp 33-34.

Sexual misconduct and distress, pp 34-35.

Rape: guilty verdict, pp 35-36.

Common Law Conspiracy to defraud the Home Office, p37.


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Pearce F

Issue 4, Volume VII (2016)

What's in a name. pp 15-21.


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