Helen Gavaghan, trading also as Gavaghan Communications.

I am a freelance journalist, and a member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists.

I am an editor, international science writer and author (published historian). print publication, section, commissioning, news, features, online production. Specialty: science, tech. & biomedicine as science & humanities.

I am the General Partner in Gavaghan C LP 9012 [active], the legal entity which promotes Science, People & Politics ISSN 1751-598x on behalf of Helen Gavaghan, who owns the sole publishing rights outright in the magazine/journal hybrid. Gavaghan C LP was registered with Companies House on 15th December, 2017.
To buy the magazine, place an order with Gavaghan C LP, by contacting info@gavaghancommunications.com

I provide ad hoc editorial content consultancy to national and international bodies, and business, including website editorial content advice [specialty science and technology].

I create and supply original infographics and illustrative works of science ideas.

I create and write poems of science.

I trade as Helen Gavaghan, and as Gavaghan Communications as a sole trader.


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Overview of some of my professional life from 1980 to 2004