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The Anthropocene Debate,
By Fred Pearce.
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The Iraq War Inquiry. Big Pharma at ESOF 2016.
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SCIENCE, PEOPLE & POLITICS. Editorial advisers are: Dr Ferdinando Patat of the European Southern Observatory, Professor Graham Dutfield, Martin Redfern and Fred Pearce FRSGS.

From British Courts

SENTENCING. 3rd February, 2017. By Helen Gavaghan.

TRAGEDY. 30th January, 2017. By Helen Gavaghan.

British Science Festival
Bradford 2015

Free catch up with Thursday 10th September at British Science Association 2015.

Click to access and read for free selected notes and sources from "Something new Under the Sun: Satellites and the beginning of the Space Age". Library of Congress classification: astronautics, science, politics, history.

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TESTIMONIAL 2014 for my work as an international science journalist, by Fred Pearce FRSGS

TESTIMONIAL 2014 from Steven Barrett (Portel Av) for web content advise

TESTIMONIAL 2014 for communication, science writing and journalism by public affairs' expert, Paula Cleggett.

Click to reach sales page for Something New Under the Sun, Satellites and the Beginning of the Space Age. This is the American story of application Satellites. The Soviet Union had its own tale. Both were spurred by the IGY of 1957-1958.


History of EUMETSAT

In this book, freely accessible with EUMETSAT's consent by clicking here, I explore the emergence of the IGO from the European Space Agency, and EUMETSAT's adoption of climate monitoring from space within a rewritten international convention. Establishing facilities around Europe was critical to the political strength of the IGO, which has been responsible for Europe's weather satellites since 1986. This is an official history, and EUMETSAT listed those programmes it wished covered.

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Illustration by Helen Gavaghan of a radio telescope, inspired by Jodrell Bank

Click on digitally created image above, inspired by Jodrell Bank, to access more free-to-view, digitally-created illustrations by Helen Gavaghan of science concepts.

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FREE TO READ: Arctic Futures by Dr Alun Anderson

A fiord into the interior of Ellesmere Island, Nunavut Photograph by Alun Anderson

Short interviews with Noel Sharkey on lethal autonomous weapons &
Sir Alan Langlands then chair of the N8 partnership



Life, Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.

bya means billion years ago. EONS: Hadean (4.6 to 4 bya), Archaen (4.0 to 2.5 bya), Proterozoic (2.5 to 0.542 bya).
Source: British Geological Survey.

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The shortest wavelengths are gamma rays. The longest are radio waves, ranging from 100s to 10-thousand centimetres from peak to peak. The distance between peaks of gamma rays are billionths/millionths of centimetres. Between the two extremes lie X-rays, ultra violet, visible, infrared and microwaves.

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30th DECEMBER, 2016
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If you object to my hosting company collecting your webstats in a manner excluding me and denying me access and control over the raw data on which stats are based it would be my joy and pleasure to give you all the support you might need to sue them. I alone have the right (based on knowledge and responsibility) to turn on and off my webstats and access my raw log data. As I could until access, via part of our de facto contract for years (more than a decade), was literally without warning stolen within the past month or so. Stolen has a specific legal meaning. If direct and easy access to the raw data collected is returned, then there was no theft.

The stats, which are supposed to be my stats and under my control to switch on or off as I choose, are located here, and are the result of processed raw data, and those here are unreliable because once I realised my hosting company had deliberately taken away my access to my raw data, I made the stats meaningless by randomly removing individual items.

Legally I am demanding my full access (which I had for a decade) and control over my raw data be restored to me so that I can review and analyse as I wish that raw data, and determine what I allow onto my web site in the space I rent on servers (software on hardware) from Register dot com. You may not take from me what I bought, and which was part of the value of what I bought and used. If you have a problem - solve it some other way.

In the interest of transparency and FAIR PLAY my hosting company/s might like to know that quite a lot of years ago I shared MY raw log data with the Royal Society of London, and one or two others, to whom I was seeking and continue to wish to to sell advertising space to. I presented a little observational collecting exercise to them as justification for any money I might take from them for their adverts against what I create on the space I pay for.

I have not yet had an answer to the question of whether it was Hostopia or Register dot com which took away access to raw log data relating to the Apache server, and ability to switch on and off my webstats as I choose, without consulting them.

The issue to be resolved in my view is a breach of contract by my hosting company which without warning [I mean specifically Register dot com | Web dot com and Hostopia] stole my control to directly switch off or on all webstats relating to my Apache-based website, and stole my access to my raw log data. That information was for a decade a de facto part of the contractual content of what I bought and buy from them for The issue is further to a number of other significant non-agreed alterations, made without warning, which have been damaging to the productivity of my business, and time wasting in the extreme. Stealing is a verbal part which implies intent to deprive in perpetuity of my property. I use the word because no-one has said to me "whoops - give us a little time, and we'll sort it out". So it would be very helpful if we could determine ownership of the raw log data and processed stats, then we know whether you are suing me, or I am suing you, or we are negotiating. I allege one decade of use and control of something included from the beginning in the package I bought implies my ownership.

The changes of 2016 had nothing to do with aesthetics, response to market research or technical advances (all of which I think are important). Had they been, and had there been the basic courtesy of warning I would have supported their business development efforts as a matter of basic inter-business goodwill. The changes seem to have been imposed as whim, with no warning, and after explicitly saying to me prior to purchases that no alterations would be made. As far as I can tell no-one at the hosting company did even a modicum of pre-release testing of navigation in a real world business setting, and they seem clueless as to how and why the customer uses and needs what they have.

If content providers - particularly that of leading professional journalists providing and editing hard news at the cutting edge of international science journalism (eg ME) - are to have a business, it cannot be undermined, as mine has been repeatedly, by needless changes foisted without warning, and literally stealing time and business information from the provider of content to websites. Law must be written internationally to prevent tech companies seeking to control what does not belong to them, and which they are not qualified to control. Nor do the tech companies know, nor can they, or should they know for many reasons, what the generator and user of the raw log data (the content provider, commissioner and manager and the coder of the presentation software, file titles and SEO) knows.

The most annoying part of this is that for me to prosper so must my hosting company, and it is beyond my understanding they would not seek to work with rather than against their customers.

Changes foisted without warning (particularly useless and needless ones) undermine confidence. They call on time already budgeted some other way to be used to no effective purpose, when the user has no understanding or knowledge of why the change was needed. A presentational change has to be investigated by the user, so the user may be sure no deeper more contractual alteration has been made (inadvertently or deliberately) - AS IN THIS CASE IT HAS.

But my greatest anger is that it is only since I began reporting from Crown Court - as the bona fide and very competent journalist that I actually am - that either Register or Web dot com volunteered that the actual server provider for the Apache server is Hostopia. And then only after I had explained it could well be Contempt of Court if I could not tell a judge who the judge should contact in the event a story I write endangers life or Court proceedings, and I am unable, because of hosting company incompetence in the matter of server settings, or network problems, or me making a stand on the grounds of freedom of speech, to tell the judge who they are supposed to contact to have copy removed. Tickets open for resolution. I want to be on your side, not against you. If we need tighter legal agreement propose such rather than wafting in and rearranging navigation in a random inexplicable manner that potentially breaches contract. Helen Gavaghan, writing as a UK citizen from the UK. Reviewed 31st December, 2016.